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The Motion Appliance

The Motion Appliance

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The Motion appliance is an innovative approach to orthodontic treatment, designed to optimise treatment time and limit the need for tooth extractions. It is used as the first step in a patient’s treatment journey towards a beautiful smile and has a sleek and unobtrusive design.


Who would benefit from wearing a Motion appliance?

Patients with a ‘Class II’ or ‘Class III’ bite may benefit from the Motion appliance. A Class II bite (overjet) is where the lower jaw is small and the upper front teeth are prominent. Conversely, a Class III bite (underbite) is categorised by a prominent lower jaw and reverse bite. Not only are many patients self-conscious about the appearance of an overjet or underbite but this incorrect alignment can also put the teeth at risk of trauma and tooth wear.

The objective of the Motion appliance is to take a Class II or Class III patient and reposition their bite to achieve an optimal Class I bite.

How long do you need to wear the Motion appliance?

The Motion appliance is worn for approximately six months prior to placement of Invisalign clear aligners or braces. The Motion appliance phase of treatment aims to achieve significant bite correction and simplify the subsequent aligner/braces phase.

How is the Motion appliance fitted to the teeth?

Depending on a patient’s bite, the Motion appliance can be fitted on either the upper or lower teeth. Elastics are worn from the Motion appliance to a hook on a back tooth on the opposing jaw. A clear removable retainer is also worn on the opposing teeth. The Motion appliance is discrete and is mostly hidden behind the cheeks.

Wearing and caring for your Motion appliance

As with any new orthodontic appliance, a patient may experience slight discomfort as the teeth begin to shift and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relief. The Motion appliance has little impact on speech.

Patients can brush and floss as normal when wearing the Motion appliance. We recommend avoiding hard or sticky foods and keeping the retainer super clean with toothpaste and a toothbrush.

To find out whether you are a candidate for the Motion Appliance you can book a free consultation with Dr Perry.

The Motion appliance and Invisalign clear aligners are registered medical devices for orthodontic treatment. Please always read and follow your orthodontist’s instructions for use.

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