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Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

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When people think about orthodontics, often their immediate thought is that of people wearing braces in their teenage years. However, Adult Orthodontics makes up a large portion of our client base at Peak Orthodontics. Here’s some handy information on adult orthodontic options, along with what makes treatment different at Peak Orthodontics.

I had braces as a child, why do I now need orthodontics again as an adult?

Whether you’ve had orthodontic treatment previously or whether this is your first time considering treatment, your teeth have a propensity to move as you age. That’s why retainers are a key part of your ongoing routine after orthodontic treatment is complete. With this in mind, all of our adult patients at Peak Orthodontics are given a 5 year membership to our Peak Retainer Club – think of it like an insurance policy – but for your teeth!

Braces for adults

Braces are still a great option for adults who prefer a ‘fixed’ orthodontic option rather than a removable appliance. With smaller bracket sizes and some tooth coloured materials, braces are likely to be less noticeable compared to those you saw people wear when you were a child.

I don’t want braces as an adult – what are my options?

A great alternative to traditional braces is clear aligner therapy. Using a series of clear trays, Dr Perry can give you the same great results as braces but with an almost invisible look. Clear aligner trays are BPA free and built on patented digital technology. We recommend wearing your clear aligners for at least 22 hours a day. You can take them out to eat, drink and brush your teeth.

How can I fit orthodontics into my busy life as an adult?

Orthodontic check ups take around 15 minutes and happen approximately every 8 weeks. To make your visit to Peak Orthodontics more convenient, we’ve located our practice in the Christchurch CBD with free parking just outside. You can schedule your visit to our orthodontic practice before or after work, or perhaps during your lunch break. For added convenience, we also monitor your tooth movement via our smartphone app called Dental Monitoring. You can stay in touch with our team at Peak Orthodontics in between your visits to our practice and Dr Perry can keep an eye your orthodontic progress remotely, ensuring everything is on track for your next check up.

What if I need to see another dental specialist during my orthodontic treatment?

Some adults may require the additional care of other dental specialists during orthodontic treatment. These may include periodontists, prosthodontists or oral surgeons. Where this care is applicable, Dr Perry will work closely with your specialist and if needed provide you with a trusted recommendation. This ensures a holistic approach to your orthodontic treatment.

Teeth whitening for adults

Often adults who are undergoing orthodontic treatment are also keen for a brighter, whiter smile. As an adult, free teeth whitening is included in your orthodontic treatment at Peak Orthodontics.

Starting adult orthodontic treatment

If you feel like you are ready to start orthodontic treatment with either clear braces or aligners, we recommend booking in an initial consultation with Dr Perry. Dr Perry and his team can guide you through the treatment process and answer questions or concerns you may have about orthodontics.

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