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What’s all the fuss about orthodontic retainers?

What’s all the fuss about orthodontic retainers?

What’s all the fuss about orthodontic retainers? 1019 1024 Peak Orthodontics

So you’ve got a new straight smile? Amazing! Remember, it’s important to wear a retainer after your orthodontic treatment is finished to prevent your teeth moving. In fact, even if you haven’t had orthodontic treatment, your teeth will want to move and become crooked as you get older. Your retainers are here to help protect your investment in your beautiful new smile. Good news – wearing and taking care of your retainers is even simpler than looking after braces or clear aligners!

Why is wearing retainers considered the most important part of orthodontic treatment?

Wearing retainers helps reduce the chance of your teeth moving back to their original position. The roots of your teeth are surrounded by fibres. During orthodontic treatment, these fibres may be twisted or pulled in a different direction to what they are used to and these fibres will naturally want to untwist back to their original position when your treatment is finished. It can take a long time for these fibres to settle into their new position so your retainers are important to prevent your teeth unravelling.

What are the different types of orthodontic retainers?

There are three main types of orthodontic retainers:

  1. Clear plastic removable retainers
  2. Acrylic (plastic and wire) removable retainers
  3. Fixed wire retainers behind the teeth

Removable retainers are ideal for oral hygiene as you can remove the retainer to brush and clean in between your teeth. A fixed wire retainer may be recommended if you had big gaps between your teeth or if your teeth were severely crooked.

How often do I need to wear my orthodontic retainer?

When your orthodontic treatment is first completed you will need to wear your retainer full time, only taking it out to eat, drink and to brush your teeth. After a month you should be able to move to night time wear (10 hours per day).

How long do I have to wear orthodontic retainers for?

Long term retainer wear is the key to straight teeth. Over time and as you get older, your gums, lips and jaw bones will grow and change. The normal aging process will change the platform and support within which your teeth sit. As such, it is common for you to wear your retainers for years, if not decades. While this sounds like a big ask, it’s not as tough as it sounds. Retainers only need to be worn at night time and after a while just a couple of nights a week.

How long does an orthodontic retainer last?

If you take good care of your removable orthodontic retainers they will last a number of years. Fixed wire retainers can also last years if not decades if well maintained. Be sure to keep your removable orthodontic retainer safe in a case when not in use and avoid exposing them to high temperatures. One last tip – keep your retainers away from your dog as they absolutely love to nibble on them!

What does the Peak Orthodontics Retainer Club include?

We designed the Peak Orthodontics Retainer Club as an insurance policy for your new smile. 5 year membership is included in every patients’ treatment plan:

  1. Directly after treatment you will receive a set of retainers and if required, a wire will be placed behind your teeth to keep your teeth in their new position.
  2. After 6 months we will re-scan your smile and provide you with new long term retainers for use over future years. You won’t need to wear them all the time, only as your Orthodontist prescribes
  3. If you lose your retainers or break them, at Peak we are happy to provide our Retainer Club patients with a 50% discount off the price of creating additional retainers.
  4. Sometimes teeth can move if retainers are not worn as prescribed. Retainer Club members receive 50% off correction treatment on the rare occasion it is required.

Our retainers are BPA and phthalate free

Find out more about the Peak Orthodontics Retainer Club

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